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Giselle was Great. Through the whole Process she helped us so well. It was our first time buying a house and we were freaking out because it was all new too My wife and I. All we had to do was call her and she would calm us down and explain things very... (more)

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2070 A West Lincoln Ave. Napa CA

3501 Oxford St. Napa CA

2700 Pine St.

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Welcome! I am really glad you came to my site. I am a seasoned REALTOR that has worked both in Canada and USA.

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Goals 2015 … Better not Bigger

BY GISELLE LAMPE Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley December 31, 2014 10:56 AM Simplicity got to love it! Truthfully speaking why do we make goals?  So we can aspire to better things and improve our current circumstance. I notice I didn’t say bigger and better.  My reasoning is because often times […]

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Sell your home with Cozy

How can you make your property more appealing in the rainy or snowy weather? Think Cozy… CLEAN (that goes without saying) and cozy!!!! I always think what would I really want to be doing on a chilly miserable day…(If I was a home buyer, looking at houses would probably not be it, but if I […]

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Budgeting…if you can afford it should you buy it?

I grew up with strong willed European parents who had to work hard for everything they had.  They were young when they moved to North America and basically only had the clothing on their back. *(My father came first, then my mother came over when they got married…amazing story but that’s another blog). I learned […]

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