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Why buying in August is a good time

Everyone hears that you should market your property and get it up in the Spring so you can hit the Summer market…well what about buying a home you have all these property owners getting advice as to when to list … but when should you buy. There is no magical time to list or sell […]


How would you like to go shopping with your Best Friend..?

  That’s how I would like you to think of me, someone you can count on and look to for advice. When it comes to buying a home you need to be able to open up to the person you are working with.  They need to be able to truly distinguish what it is you […]


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, as an avid Napa Valley enthusiast there’s so many things I could say about this Valley that I just love and would invite everyone to experience, although I do have to caution visitors, once you come here it can be addictive and you may not want to leave…that’s what happened to […]


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Giselle was Great. Through the whole Process she helped us so well. It was our first time buying a house and we were freaking out because it was all new too My wife and I. All we had to do was call her and she would calm us down and explain things very... (more)

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